Maintenance Fix problems fast

Something went wrong with your website? Our team can fix it.

WebMaster Admin tasks

Content updates, optimised images or setting up? Done.

Improve experience Optimizations

Loading slow or not visible in Google? No problem.

WP Premium Support services

Security Updates

Security is the most important reason why you should have a webmaster.

Theme & Plugin maintenance

What to use, when and how to update is critical to avoid downtime.

WordPress development

Install, config plugins, debug site, transfer files, we've got it covered.

Database management

Permalinks, MySQL optimization and fixing connection strings.


Getting your site indexed on Google and optimizing your visibility

Administrative updates

Content update, optimizing your images, setting up redirects, and more.


Performing complete backups before doing any changes.

Troubleshoot and fix

Diagnose and resolve issues related to WP, themes and plugins.


Leverage our expertise to improve your online presence.

We maintain your site, so you don't have to! Complete web services all under one roof.


$99 /month Get Started
  • 5 credits
  • WP Professional Cloud Hosting
  • $19.99 / credit


$149 /month Get Started
  • 10 credits
  • WP Professional Cloud Hosting
  • $14.99 / credit


$249 /month Get Started
  • 20 credits
  • WP Professional Cloud Hosting
  • $12.45 / credit

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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is WordPress Managed Site?

We are offering a subscription-based service, available 24/7/365, that provides assistance, management or fixes for WordPress-related sites that come up at a moment’s notice.

What are the benefits of WP Managed Site?

Security, flexibility, peace of mind. Knowing that you have a WordPress expert available anytime to help you with your website needs, takes a load of stress off your shoulders. Not to mention it’ll save you a ton of time.

What kind of tasks do you do ?

Content updates, create pages and posts, create and configure slideshows, web-forms, small design changes trough the theme console or directly into CSS/HTML/JS files and a lot more.
Usually anything that has to do with websites. We like to think that anything is possible, just ask.
Additionally you can look at our Services Catalog to learn more about what kind of services are covered

How many websites/domains can I cover with your service?

All websites hosted on your account

Is there a minimum period ?

There is no minimum period required. You can cancel or change your plan anytime you want.

My website is already hacked, can you clean it ?

Yes. All plans cover malware removal and antivirus. However, it is possible that your site might severely affected and irrecuperable. We will need to check it to be sure.

I already have hosting, do I need to move ?

Moving to WordPress XP is easy and painless. Our team can easily transfer your website to our servers. It is recommended to move, for best performance.

Do my credits roll over to the next month?

No. All credits must be used within the billing cycle.

Can I buy more credits if I need them?

We will automatically add additional credits to your invoice if this is needed. You will be notified prior to that.

Can I request a full refund ?

Yes! You can request a 100% refund for unused credits. If you purchased a one year plan you can request the return in the first 2 months after payment confirmed.

Can I change between plans ?

Sure! Change between these plans anytime you like. By changing your plan to a higher one you will only play the difference. When changing to a lower plan you will get a refund on the difference if you haven’t used credits.

How will we communicate ?

We use a professional ticketing software for managing and prioritising our tasks. Everybody in our team knows what has to be done and you can keep track. We can receive your requests by email or directly trough our ticketing app.